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Former ‘SNL’ Star Tim Meadows Urges Everyone To Save Their ‘Future Boners’ By Getting The Covid Vaccine

While staving off death and/or being intubated at the hospital should be reason enough to get the COVID vaccine, some people need that little extra nudge, and Tim Meadows is happy to give it to them. In a hilarious new PSA from Urologists United for Vaccination Education, the former SNL star joined a group of doctors who hammered home one of the not so great side effects of being infected with COVID-19: erectile dysfunction.

In the video that seeks to protect “future boners,” Meadows explains how terrible his life would be if couldn’t get an erection. “If I couldn’t have one, it would be devastating — and, kind of boring,” he says to the camera before cutting over to a team of medical professionals who run the erectile dysfunction numbers.

“What are you guys doing? Go get the vaccine. We’re talking about your future boners here, OK?” Meadows urges before hashtag #SaveTheFutureBoners pops across the screen.

As for how effective the PSA will be, who knows? There is still a sizable amount of Americans who have refused to get the COVID vaccine even as the highly contagious Delta variant tore through the unvaccinated population with startling speed and deadliness. That said, if even a small number of dudes (or their partners) are made aware that they’re at risk of never getting a boner again, and it prompts them to get the vaccine, the effect can be exponential. In short, it’s not really about the size of the video’s views, it’s how people use it.

(Via The Wrap)