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Greta Thunberg Didn’t Hesitate To Drop An F-Bomb While Telling World Leaders To ‘Shove Your Climate Crisis Up Your A**’

Greta Thunberg recently gave Trevor Noah the giggles while discussing self-congratulatory types who “always try to tell me that I should be impressed by them” because they take a bike to work. Although she’s previously been super serious while discussing her environmental activism, the expert Ted Cruz shader is certainly shaking her tone up, and that included her going off on world leaders while leading a rally outside of the U.N. climate summit in Glascow, Scotland. She accused them of “pretending” to care that humans are destroying planet Earth and causing catastrophic weather changes. As such, the 18 year old dropped an F-bomb. She’s pretty fed up, via Reuters:

“We say no more ‘blah blah blah,’ no more exploitation of people and nature and the planet… No more whatever the f*ck they’re doing inside there. We’re sick and tired of it and we’re gonna make the change whether they like it or not. They’ve been keep on going for too long, and we’re not gonna let them get away anymore. We are not.”

Reuters even placed a “STRONG WARNING” label on this video.

At another moment, Thunberg led the crowd in a rendition of “She’ll Be Coming ‘Round the Mountain,” which she switched up to “You can shove your climate crisis up your a**.”

Them’s fighting words, but Greta can handle any backlash (the way that she handled Trump). The BBC notes that Thunberg arrived by train after departing from London with a cardboard sign that read, “Fridays for Future,” in honor of the youth movement that she inspired beginning in 2018. She hopes to bring action for true progress and to motivate world leaders to reduce fossil fuel use and carbon emissions, all of which are wreaking havoc on the environment.