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Hotels We Love: Cloud Camp In Colorado Springs Is Like Luxury Adult Summer Camp

I feel like the phrase “bucket list” gets thrown around way too much these days. To the point where it almost loses its cachet. When everything is a bucket list experience is anything actually a bucket list experience?

But even in the world of seemingly endless “Insta-worthy” locations, some truly stand out. For me, Cloud Camp is absolutely one of those.

In simplest terms, Cloud Camp is a luxury adult summer camp. An oasis at above 9,200 ft of elevation, you truly feel as if you are sleeping in the clouds. If the clouds had five star dining, cedar hot tubs, and unlimited drinks, that is. And that’s just the beginning.

Let’s break down why this hotel should be on your bucket list.

Why It’s Awesome:

Cloud Camp Hot Tub
Emily Hart

Cloud Camp is truly one of a kind. Situated over 3,000 ft above Colorado Springs in the Rocky Mountains, it is at once secluded and accessible. After checking in at the main Broadmoor property you are whisked away in an Escalade up 16 switchbacks (through the renowned Cheyenne Mountain Zoo and past the Will Rogers Shrine) on a private road to your home above the clouds.

The thing I love most about staying at Cloud Camp is that it truly is exclusive — the only people who can ever access the property are the guests and staff. It has the amenities of a five star resort with the charm of a mountain getaway. Just my style.

In House Food and Drink:

Cloud Camp Lodge
Emily Hart

There aren’t any bars or restaurants at Cloud Camp per se, but the food and drink options are some of the most memorable parts of a stay. Cloud Camp is small and all inclusive — with five star dining and service at every meal. Breakfast, lunch, snacks and drinks are at your leisure while the multi-course dinner is served at the dreamy long table in the grand lodge.

I was hesitant at first about the group dinner as a solo traveler, but it quickly became one of my favorite parts of the experience. It’s the perfect place to meet new interesting people (just remember the altitude and don’t get too sloshed, because you will be seeing them the next day).


cloud camp hot tub
Emily Hart
  • Hiking
  • Horseshoes
  • Pickleball
  • Lawn Games
  • Crafts
  • Archery Instruction
  • Disc Golf
  • Hot Tubs
  • Bird Watching
  • Stargazing
  • Board Games
  • Mule Rides
  • Social Hours

Room Types:

Cloud Camp Fire Tower Suite
Emily Hart

There are a variety of room types at Cloud Camp — from lodge rooms to cabins to the ultimate bucket list experience: the fire tower suite. I was lucky enough to snag the fire tower suite on my first visit to Cloud Camp and it was unequivocally the most amazing stay I have ever experienced. Situated 145 steps above the main lodge, the fire tower suite has a private cedar hot tub that is carved into the foundation, and boasts two levels of living space — the bedroom and bathroom on one level and an observation deck/office on the top. There are wraparound windows and decks that provide 360 views into the Rocky Mountains and down into Colorado Springs.

Best Things to Do/Eat/Drink Within a 10 Minute Walk:

Cloud Camp Yoga
Emily Hart

Cloud Camp is literally on the top of a mountain only accessible by private shuttle, hiking, or mules. But while that may seem like it would limit your options, it’s actually the exact opposite. There are several hiking trails that originate from the main lodge area, two cedar hot tubs that overlook the mountain vistas, a pickleball court (the 2nd highest in elevation of its kind in the country), mule rides, hammocks, archery, yoga and even cooking classes and crafts.

Remember what I said about adult summer camp? It’s starting to ring true, right?

Cloud Camp Hiking
Emily Hart

Before you arrive a concierge connects with you to create an itinerary of activities or you can book them when you arrive. You can also cancel them all and just relax in the crisp mountain air with a glass of wine. There is no pressure here, which makes everything that much sweeter.

Best Things to Do/Eat/Drink Within a $20 Cab Ride:

Garden of the Gods
Emily Hart

You can’t take a cab from Cloud Camp, but if you are staying multiple days you aren’t exactly stuck on the mountain. You can arrange shuttles down to Colorado Springs and The Broadmoor Resort to golf at one of their three world renowned courses, dine at one of the eighteen in house restaurants, enjoy the spa or one of the other wilderness excursions (including a zip line course, falconry program, and fly fishing).

You can also spend some time exploring some of the most beautiful scenery in the country down below the mountain. It is just minutes fromGarden of the Gods park, and the cog railway up Pikes Peak.

Bed Game:

Cloud Camp Sunrise
Emily Hart

I don’t know if it was waking up for sunrise at 9,200 ft or the bed itself I was waking up on — but I had some of my best nights of sleep ever at Cloud Camp. The Broadmoor is known for luxury — it is rated as the number one hotel in Colorado and the sixth best resort in the United States — and that is apparent even in the more rustic cabins at Cloud Camp.

There is an attention to detail that is unmatched and it definitely extends to the beds, pillows, and linens.

Score: 10/10

Sexiness Rating:

Cloud Camp Hot tub
Emily Hart

Cloud Camp is definitely sexy (especially the fire tower suite), but the overall vibe to me is definitely more relaxed. Despite my dream of adult summer camp there are occasionally families who book a cabin so it’s not some sort of hedonistic playground in the sky.

Score: 8/10


When I post photos of Cloud Camp on Instagram I’m always surprised by how many people have never seen or heard of it. Because it is basically an Instagrammers dream. Everywhere you look is another sweeping Rocky Mountain vista ready to take your breath away. From the hot tubs seemingly in the middle of nowhere at over 9,000 ft. to the free flowing wine on the terrace overlooking the city lights — its view after view after view.

Score: 10/10

Best Season to Visit:

Cloud Camp Mule
Emily Hart

Due to the elevation, Cloud Camp is open seasonally, generally April through November. I have only visited in the fall, and I have to recommend it. There are cooler temps and the aspens put on a beautiful show turning from green to gold. But at the extremely high elevation, there will always be weather-related surprises — so you do have to prepare for anything, especially in the shoulder seasons.

If I Had to Complain About One Thing:

cloud Camp Sunrise
Emily Hart

It’s only open seasonally. I would love to visit in the winter after a fresh snow and warm up by the fire. It’s also fairly expensive, but you get a lot — lodging, transportation, activities, food and drinks (even tips!) — are all included on the bill. When you consider the cost for two people it is more than fair, but for one it could be a stretch.

Definitely a spot for a special occasion planned further in advance.

Book Here:

Cloud Camp Coffee
Emily Hart

Cloud Camp is booking for next season here. It fills up fast so make your plans now.

Room Rate: $950-$1200/ night, all-inclusive.

Instagram Images Taken at Cloud Camp: