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Jimmy Kimmel Can’t Wrap His Brain Around QAnon Cultists’ Obsession With Dead Kennedys (And Other Dead Celebs)

On Tuesday night, Jimmy Kimmel had a lot to say about the QAnon followers who had gathered in Dallas to await the reemergence of JFK, Jr., and possibly his dad. On Wednesday night, Kimmel brought it up again, as he’s still not sure how this isn’t a much bigger story—and rightfully so. Here was Kimmel’s take:

“The illiterati gathered by the hundreds because they believe JFK, Jr. and JFK, Sr. were going to reemerge and reinstall Donald Trump to power—because obviously the Kennedys would be big Trump fans. I cannot overstate how crazy this event, that is getting almost no coverage, was.”

Kimmel cut to footage of the crowd, who had composed some pretty wacky—albeit on-brand—call and responses, including as resounding “No!” to the question “Did we land on the Moon?”

“Sadly, the Kennedys did not show up in Dallas,” Kimmel said. “So then the new rumor—they pivoted—was that they’d show up at a Rolling Stones concert. There was a Stones concert in Dallas last night, and some of those in the audience became convinced that Keith Richards was JFK.” Kimmel shared a tweet from one attendee, who claimed that: “Whether you like it or not, JFK Senior was there and I feel he was Keith Richards.”

“Who should be more insulted,” Kimmel wanted to know. “Keith Richards, by people who thought he was 104-year-old JFK? Or JFK for them thinking he was a 77-year-old Keith Richards? I don’t know.”

You can watch Kimmel’s full “QAnut” rant above.