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Rhea Seehorn Is Excited For The Final Season Of ‘Better Call Saul’ To ‘Blow People’s Minds’

Rhea Seehorn plays a lawyer on TV, but she’s an expert in confidentiality in real life, too. She’s probably been asked dozens, if not hundreds of times about the final season of Better Call Saul and whether her character, Kim Wexler, will survive, but she hasn’t slipped once. For instance, in a Variety interview to promote her short-form digital series Cooper’s Bar, Seehorn kept her lips sealed about Saul‘s “deep dark secrets.”

But she did reveal that Bob Odenkirk, who suffered a heart attack in July, is “doing amazing. And like I said, whether I’m in scripts or not, I get to read them and I can tell you that this season is insane. It’s going to blow people’s minds. I can’t wait for it to come out.”

In the season five finale, Saul and Kim are jokingly pitching ways to ruin Howard’s career in order to get the Sandpiper case to settle — until Saul realizes that Kim isn’t joking with her talk of misconduct and bribery. “You would not be OK with it. Not in the cold light of day,” Saul warns. Kim takes a pause. “Wouldn’t I?” she says before getting up and flashing him the same finger guns that he gave her in the season four finale. The first half of 2022, when Better Call Saul is expected to return, can’t get here soon enough.

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(Via Variety)