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Rudy Giuliani (Of All People) Thinks Biden Is ‘A Mental Incompetent’ Who ‘Could Destroy The World’ With Nukes, Or Something

Donald Trump’s former personal attorney Rudy Giuliani is no longer practicing law as he waits for the FBI to conduct their investigation into his dealings with Ukrainian officials pre- the 2020 Presidential Election. He’s also twiddling his thumbs as Dominion prepares its $1.3 billion defamation lawsuit against him for false claims about their involvement in voter fraud schemes during the election last year.

All this to say: Rudy’s got a lot of time on his hands and he’s choosing to spend it by *checks notes* delivering incoherent rants on Steve Bannon’s radio show. Sounds productive.

Giuliani guested on Bannon’s program recently where he let loose a fear-mongering diatribe for the ages, accusing President Joe Biden of being both a cunning, deceitful playmaker on Capitol Hill and an old geezer with a compromised mental capacity. Bannon suggested that Biden had lied about a campaign promise to seek justice for the thousands of families separated at the border during Trump’s time in office after the President told Fox News the administration would not be paying a proposed $450,000 to each family member affected by Trump’s policy. Negotiations between lawyers representing those families and government officials working for Biden are still ongoing and monetary compensation could still be on the table, but Biden addressed that specific figure after Peter Doocy snuck in the question during a press conference on COVID vaccines for children.

So, technically, Biden hasn’t lied about remedying the situation at the border. That process is still ongoing. But please, whatever you do, don’t tell that to Giuliani because raging out on radio shows is all the man has left at this point.

Giuliani answered Bannon’s claim with his own completely unsubstantiated guesswork over Biden’s current mental state.

“He’s certainly capable of looking with a straight face and lying,” Giuliani began. “We’ve caught him in, what, 100 lies. ‘I never met any Ukrainian.’ We’ve got all those pictures all over the place and text messages and he was spending more time with Ukrainians than Ukrainians do. But here’s the possibilities given the present state of his mental capacity: he could be lying. He could have forgotten. Or they may not have told him. Any one of those three things.”

Giuliani went on to express his very genuine, not-at-all contrived distress over Biden’s ability to govern the country given what he views as his deteriorating mental state.

“Who knows with this guy,” he said. “The simple fact is this is one of the most dangerous points in our history. We have a mental incompetent sitting next to a button that could destroy the world.”

Ummm, Rudy? We’re pretty sure you’re thinking about your old boss.

(Via Raw Story)