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The Charismatic Cultist Who Convinced QAnon-ers To Flock To Dallas To See JFK Jr. Is A Piece Of Work

More details are emerging about the recent failed QAnon Ressurection in Dallas this week and, if you thought the story about MAGA followers making a pilgrimage to Texas to see John F. Kennedy, Jr. rise from the dead to reinstate Donald Trump as president couldn’t get any more insane … boy, do we have news for you.

Turns out, the great QAnon Migration was launched by a middle-aged anti-semitic demolition worker named Michael Brian Protzman. Protzman’s been focused on becoming a right-wing conspiracy theorizing influencer over the past few years, launching his own sub-cult within the larger fanatical group where he regularly spews anti-semitic nonsense — the normal, incredibly unoriginal Holocaust-denying, pro-Hitler bullsh*t you’d expect — and occasionally tries to get his fans to invest in foreign currency via his personal website. You know, your basic online grifting nonsense.

Despite how eye-rollingly average Protzman appears on paper though, he was able to convince hundreds of QAnon cult members to travel to Dallas recently where he predicted that John F. Kennedy, Jr. would be resurrected — along with former President John F. Kennedy and his wife, Jackie Kennedy Onassis who Protzman views as the second incarnation of Jesus Christ and Mary Magdalene. Obviously, that did not happen — though believers who went to the Rolling Stones concert later that day to see JFK, Jr. open for the English rock band did claim to see the spirit of Michael Jackson amongst the crowd — but the lack of physical evidence hasn’t stopped Protzman or his fans from buying into these truly bizarre doomsday prophecies.

Apparently, Protzman is so obsessed with the Kennedy family because he believes that Jesus and Mary Magdalene were married and had four children. Their bloodline is the source for many of today’s famous celebrities, including the Kennedys. Along with JFK and Jackie’s role in this reincarnation theory, Protzman also believes that JFK, Jr. is Archangel Michael, and Donald Trump is the Holy Spirit. And he’s selling this wild con by co-opting a Jewish numerology system that assigns numerical values to names, words, and phrases which, in turn, lets him infer whatever mystical b.s. he wants to back up his oracle-like visions.

Protzman also believes that people with an O blood type share a bloodline with Christ and that the COVID-19 testing system is just the government’s way of swabbing for DNA so that they can identify those specific descendants. And look, this would all be a real riot if it was coming from that crazy estranged uncle drinking his own piss out in West Virginia, but Protzman has hundreds of thousands of followers on his Telegram account that are ingesting this mental bile every day. So please, go check on your grandparents and those second cousins who bought out entire feed stores-worth of horse-powered Ivermectin to make sure they haven’t fallen prey to this piece of work.

(Via Vice)