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‘Black Panther: Wakanda Forever’ Is Taking A Break From Shooting Due To Letitia Wright’s Injury

The Black Panther sequel, subtitled Wakanda Forever, won’t open for just over another year from now, but it’s still shooting. And this week it was announced production would need to take a little pause. As per The Hollywood Reporter, at the end of this month cast and crew will take a break until the beginning of the year so that one of its stars can convalesce after an injury.

Sources tell THR that Letitia Wright was injured back in August while shooting a sequence that involved a stunt rig while production had moved from Atlanta to Boston. What exactly happened to her has not been revealed, but the injury was severe enough that production has had to work around her. At this point, though, it appears they shot all they can that doesn’t involve Wright’s Shuri, sister to the late Chadwick Boseman’s T’Challa. Production is expected to reconvene in early 2022.

None of this will delay the film’s release. As of now, it’s still scheduled to bow on Nov. 11 of next year. A few weeks ago the film, along with many Marvel and/or Disney titles, was pushed back, moving from July 8 to its current spot, just ahead of Thanksgiving 2022.

Wright’s Shuri was a fan-favorite, and she was given a more prominent role in the sequel after people praised her for being both a comic relief and a bona fide badass with STEM skills. In real life, Wright has denied claims that she’s being skeptical of COVID-19 vaccines, which have become requirements across the industry.

(Via THR)