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Marjorie Taylor Greene Launched Into A Kooky Rant Against The 13 Republican ‘Traitors’ Who Voted For The Biden Infrastructure Bill

Late Friday night, after months of back-and-forth (and squabbling with, of all people, stubborn Democrats), the House passed a $1 trillion infrastructure bill. Among its targets were the nation’s aging public works system, more access to high-speed internet, and the fight against climate change. It was a big deal for President Joe Biden, although other parts of his ambitious plan, including social safety net initiatives and more climate change battles, had to be put on the back burner for now. Hooray! But the vote was predictably narrow in our divided times, and among the 200 Republicans who voted against it, the most unhinged was, of course, the one who burns through her own paychecks.

As the vote was underway, with a mere 13 Republicans voting for it (by contrast, six Democrats joined the nays), Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia, who’s also lost money betting on Trump and who doesn’t understand the Declaration of Independence, railed against the about-to-be-passed bill. But she didn’t attack the Dems. She attacked those in her own party.

“Republicans who hand over their voting card to Nancy Pelosi to pass Biden’s Communist takeover of America will feel the anger of the GOP voter,” the congressperson warned.

Greene called the 13 Republicans who voted for it “traitors,” then went further, naming names and lumping them in with the ever-swelling “Squad,” which now counts six members.

The combative representative also reminded people of the gains Republicans made on Tuesday’s election, even though the wins weren’t as widespread as pundits made it out to be. (As of now, Jack Ciatarelli, who narrowly lost the New Jersey gubernatorial race to incumbent Phil Murphy, refuses to concede.) “On Tuesday, the American people rejected the Democrats platform and by Friday Republican traitors locked arms with Nancy Pelosi to pass Joe Biden’s communist takeover of America,” Greene wrote. “Your voters will send you the same message they sent Democrats on Tuesday.”

It’s what’s become a typical move for Republicans in the Trump era, intimidating anyone who stands up against the horde. Trump himself, for instance, has warned he’ll come for any Republican who voted for his second impeachment. Of course, these people were also invariably involved in the plot to overthrow America, so maybe they’re not worth listening to.

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