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Trump Is Now Callously Insinuating That Alec Baldwin May Have Intentionally Shot Halyna Hutchins On The Set Of ‘Rust,’ Because Of Course He Is

There is no bottom for Donald Trump. For his entire life, he’s shown he’ll say or do to get ahead, or simply to create chaos for chaos’s sake. The former president-turned-failed blogger (and maybe future failed social media honcho) was suspiciously quiet after one of his many enemies, SNL impersonator Alec Baldwin, was involved in a tragic shooting on the set of Rust, which resulted in the accidental killing of cinematographer Halyna Hutchins. But that restraint didn’t last too long.

According to The Wrap, Trump appeared on the right-leaning podcast The Chris Stigall Show, where he ran his mouth about things he doesn’t know about. Inevitably the Rust shooting came up.

“In my opinion, he had something to do with it,” Trump said. “But if nothing else, how do you take a gun, whether it’s loaded or not loaded, how do you take a gun, point it at somebody that’s not even in the movie, and just point it at this person and pull the trigger, and now she’s dead.”

Trump then intimated that Baldwin fired a live round on purpose, calling him a “sick guy.”

“Even if it was loaded, and, you know, that’s a weird thing, maybe he loaded it,” Trump told Stigall. “If they handed me a gun, I would never point it at somebody and shoot it.”

He added that Baldwin, per his judgment, is “a troubled guy. There’s something wrong with him. I’ve watched him for years. He gets into fistfights with reporters… I mean, everything he does, he’s a volatile guy. He’s a nutjob.”

Of course, a lot of this flies in the face of what has been revealed by reporters during an investigation that is still ongoing. (Though there have been some dicey things said by those involved, too.) But this is just the “opinion” of a guy who floats baseless conspiracy theories about non-existent voter fraud, and who has a long history of making bizarre claims preceded by the words “people are saying…” The only surprise is that he didn’t spout this nonsense earlier.

(Via The Wrap)