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Freddie Gibbs Finally Got Bulls Tickets From Chance The Rapper And Took Home DeMar DeRozan’s Jersey

It looks like Freddie Gibbs finally got those Chicago Bulls tickets he wanted — and he walked away with a player’s jersey as a bonus. And, as it turns out, the person he has to thank for it all is the one who was blocking him from getting the tickets in the first place: Chance The Rapper.

Last week, the Gary, Indiana MC lamented his inability to secure tickets to a home game (Gary is much closer to Chicago than Indianapolis, where the Pacers play, despite Chicago’s location in a different state), tweeting, “Can’t get no f*ckin bulls tickets cuz they give em all to Chance the Rapper.” He pointedly reminded the Bulls account of his longtime fandom and needled the Windy City native, joking that “Chance a bucks fan and y’all give him 30 tickets.”

However, earlier this week, Gibbs did manage to make it out to the Bulls’ home game against the Brooklyn Nets, where he met up with Chance himself after taking in the game from some courtside seats. “Chance took my tickets, but he gave me a couple,” he goofed in a video posted from the lounge, where he hung out with The Rapper. However, Chance had a different story for fans: “I don’t got no tickets, so please don’t let n****s tell you I got your tickets,” he pled. “Keep it straight they didn’t have no tickets for Freddie and they blamed it on me.” Gibbs piled on the pressure, though, referring to Chance sharing the tickets as one of his many acts of charity. “He do good for the community,” he teased. “He gave a n**** two. I appreciate it.”

To commemorate the occasion, Gibbs came away with one hell of a souvenir of the event as well: Bulls guard/forward DeMar DeRozan‘s jersey, which the Comptonite shared with Freddie after the game.