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Lady Gaga Breaks Her TikTok Silence Just To Show Off Her Red Carpet Gown

TikTok is one of the fastest-growing social media platforms, and there’s no denying that it has real effects on the music industry. It’s become a way for some artists to boost their streaming numbers while others, like Lizzo, have absolutely mastered the app and use it go viral and further connect with fans. But other artists are late to the game when it comes to being active the app. Lady Gaga was definitely one of them — up until now.

Though Gaga’s TikTok account already has 3.6 million followers, she just posted her first-ever video. The TikTok wasn’t some dance challenge or a trend. The singer instead wanted to show off the impeccable red carpet dress that she wore to the London premiere of her film, House Of Gucci. The video starts with her delivering a line from the movie before it cuts to her absolutely working the flowing gown.

Gaga is the second celebrity to recently make their first social media post as a way to promote an upcoming film. Jay-Z, who is notorious for rarely using social media, returned to Instagram for the first time in six years just to post the poster to his western film The Harder They Fall. Jay-Z deleted the picture just 24-hours later, but its unlikely that Gaga will be deleting her TikTok that quickly.