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Talecia Tucker’s Style Sense Gets A Well Deserved Photoshoot

Talecia Tucker is at a crossroads. They first established themselves with the unisex clothing brand Pretty Major, but recently, Tucker has shifted to making photography a primary professional focus. Those two endeavors actually go hand-in-hand, and in a new Next Success video (presented by Uproxx and Sprite), they get an assist on both fronts.

In the clip, Tucker meets up with fashion designer Lee Velvet, who picks Tucker’s brain about her creative vision. They explained that in their younger years, fashion helped her to really find herself and photography has become a natural extension of that. So, to take those two interests to the next level, Velvet got Tucker set up with a photoshoot.

While Tucker’s DIY aesthetic has served her well so far, Velvet gave them access to equipment, settings, and personnel to take that energy to another level. Tucker admits the environment was intimidating, calling it “my biggest shoot that I’ve ever had,” but positive change happens when you leave your comfort zone.

How did Tucker handle the (literal, in this case) bright lights? That’s a story for the video to tell, along with the tale of Tucker’s professional and personal journeys so far, which you can track by reading more about their journey by visiting our Next Success hub.