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Christa Allen, The Actress Who Played 13-Year-Old Jennifer Garner In ’13 Going On 30,’ Is Celebrating Her 30th With A Cheeky TikTok Miniseries

It’s been nearly two decades since 13 Going On 30 hit theaters back in 2004, and Christa Allen — the actress who played 13 year-old Jenna Rink alongside Jennifer Garner in the hit romcom — is at long last 30, flirty, and thriving. As of today, the star known for her breakout role in the charming comedy is now 30-years-old, and while she might not be celebrating with a killer “Thriller” routine, she is having a bit of fun with the momentous occasion.

Four days ago, Allen took to TikTok to upload the first of a scripted, five-part mini-series titled Vienna, a reference to the Billy Joel song that plays during her character’s lowest point in 13 Going on 30. In the series, Allen plays herself as she is confronted by her own 13-year-old self (played by Lana Fleischli) who forces her to do some introspection and confront the lessons romcoms teach women, such as the age-old myth that women can either be professionally successful or a loving mother. She also offers 30-year-old Christa some other pieces of sage advice: be present, be patient, and only you can complete yourself.

As of right now, only the first four-minute-long episodes have been uploaded to Allen’s TikTok, with the fifth and final clip expected to hit the video-sharing service later today. In addition to Allen and Fleischli, actor Mark Dohner appears in the short film as Allen’s not-so-potential love interest. Vienna was written by Heidi Clements, with filmmaker Nick Cho directing. Oh, and if you’re looking to celebrate Allen’s birthday with another great watch, you can always catch 13 Going on 30 over on Hulu.