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Christopher Walken Painted Over An Original Banksy Artwork For A BBC Show, ‘Ultimately Destroying It’

Christopher Walken once explained that his unique line delivery is due to his aversion of punctuation. “I think it has to do with the fact that I love the words, but I don’t like the punctuation. I feel that punctuation is a kind of stage direction,” he said. “Punctuation tells you how to say something, and I think the words of what you have to say and how you say them is really up to you.” I bring this up because I would love to hear where Christopher Walken would put the punctuation in the following sentence: Christopher Walken destroyed a Banksy painting potentially worth millions for a BBC comedy series.

The New York Times reports that the Oscar-winning actor “wiped away a real Banksy painting from the side of a building in England on an episode of BBC’s The Outlaws that aired Wednesday night. Though Banksy’s work has fetched millions of dollars at auction, Mr. Walken unceremoniously painted over the artwork on the comedy-drama series, which is set in Banksy’s hometown, Bristol.” A spokesperson for the show, created by The Office‘s Stephen Merchant, said that Walken painted over it during filming, “ultimately destroying it.” Something tells me Banksy would approve of what Walken did.

Here’s what it looked like, mid-paint:

walken banksy
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Christopher Walken’s got a fever, and the only prescription is more destruction of million-dollar artworks.

(Via the New York Times)