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Kyle Kuzma Told Hecklers ‘Without Bron, Cleveland Wouldn’t Be Sh*t’ During His Big Game Against The Cavs

Kyle Kuzma had a nice night in the Washington Wizards‘ 97-94 win over the Cleveland Cavaliers on Wednesday. Kuzma, whom the team acquired from the Los Angeles Lakers in the Russell Westbrook trade over the summer, scored 22 points on 8-for-14 shooting and five rebounds while connecting on six of his nine attempts from three, including a triple with just over 10 seconds remaining to give the Wizards a lead they would not relinquish.

After the game, Kuzma stressed that he was a little extra motivated to have a big night because of some Cavs fans who were giving him a hard time. He went as far as to say that his big night was the fault of these people who would not stop chirping.

“They had a sign up that said, ‘LeBron won Kuzma his ring,’” Kuzma said. “And I said, ‘Without Bron, Cleveland wouldn’t be shit,’ so, they chose violence and I just kept going. So, thank you guys, appreciate it.”

It turns out someone did, indeed, make that sign, along with another that said he took the Cavs’ moneyline on the night.

And after the game, Kuzma showed these people some love by autographing their sign. In the process, he managed to gain a few new fans.

In recent years, there have been a handful of stories of fans crossing lines with players in how they interact with them, so it’s pretty cool to see that Kuzma and these folks had a good back-and-forth. Well, unless you took the Cavs’ moneyline.