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Radiohead Is Launching A Virtual Exhibition In Your Home

Last week, Radiohead released the monumental 21st anniversary triple album edition of Kid A + Amnesiac + Kid Amnesiae, respectively. Dubbed Kid A Mnesia, the edition sees the band’s fourth and fifth albums released together — as they were initially slated to, in an “ultimate album” of sorts — and adds a a third bonus disc of rare and unreleased material for good measure, featuring new songs like the cryptic “Follow Me Around” and “If You Say The Word.” But the band has not stopped there.

The “Kid A Mnesia Exhibition” is a virtual world of Kid A and Amnesiac brought to life. Sliding doors and portals into the world of Radiohead abound, as if you’re splashing through the many colors of the album’s covers and booklet artwork, set to the sonic elements of the releases. It was originally supposed to be a touring physical installation in major cities, but then that whole pandemic thing happened. So Radiohead and Epic Games partnered to release the exhibition as a free download for PS5, Mac, and PC, that you can watch straight on your home screen.

The entire experience is authentic to the albums, with its pieces being sourced from their music and original artwork. Yet another step into their outside-the-box re-issue, it’s an opportunity to venture deeper into audiovisual sphere of Radiohead.

Watch the trailer for “Kid A Mnesia Exhibition” above. The free download is available on 11/18 for PlayStation 5, or for PC and Mac at the Epic Games store.

Kid A Mnesia is out now via XL Records. Get it here.