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Rootin’ Tootin’ Lauren Boebert Is So Very Mad At Peloton For Not Letting Her Use ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ As A Username

NASCAR wants nothing to do with the “Let’s Go Brandon,” and Lauren Boebert can’t be happy about that, given how awfully proud she was of her post-Halloween costume, a “Let’s Go Brandon” dress (for which she called the catchphrase/slur a “movement”). All of this followed NBC Sports reporter Kelli Stavast (while interviewing NASCAR driver Brandon Brown) mistaking a crowd chanting “f*ck Joe Biden” for “Let’s Go Brandon.” Boebert and the far-right enjoy this this so very much, and now, Boebert is seriously upset at Peloton because, I guess, she really would like the “freedom” to use the catchphrase as a username?

It’s very strange stuff, and of course, both NASCAR and Peloton, as private companies, are free to ban the use of any username in association with their brands and respective terms of service. Well, Boebert wants everyone to know how irked she is, so (naturally) she expressed her grievances on Twitter. “Peloton has blocked anyone from putting ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ in their usernames as they work out,” she wrote. “YouTube hides ALL dislikes as almost every Biden video has more dislikes than likes. Sorry, America hates the guy and you can’t cover it up!”

Her concerns have been echoed by Fox News, which has relayed complaints that an “error message” pops up for username use or when users want to use the term as a hashtag. Apparently, the users are steamed because Black Lives Matter-associated hashtags aren’t banned, and of course, people want to make this a controversy, much like when the far-right attacked Biden for using a Peloton in the White House. With all of the true injustices in this world, it’s kind-of amazing that people are upset over, uh, “Let’s Go Brandon” and private companies that can shut down political speech as desired.