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UPROXX And Sprite’s Next Success Artists Are Charting Their Own Career-Defining Crossovers

Resilience, drive, and the ability to adapt. That’s what’s needed to make it as an artist in today’s world. Having a defined sense of style and a visionary eye are just the foundational building blocks to creating your own path in your chosen industry. To actually forge that journey you’ve got to hustle, and hustle hard.

Even then, busting down doors can be difficult. That’s why UPROXX and Sprite teamed up to help three emerging talents, all disrupting their industries in bold fashion with unique sounds and eye-catching artistry.

These on-the-brink artists are channeling their voice and distilling their ethos in a wholly original way — using their work to bring attention to issues that matter, pay homage to the greats that came before them, and blend different genres of artistry from music to style and beyond. For our series with Sprite, we’re showcasing where they’re from and what drives them before handing them an opportunity to take the next step forward in their careers.

They’re artists like Turbeazy, a rising MC and magician in the booth who channels his family’s industry roots, paying respect to the sounds and styles that have come before him while looking forward to what’s next in the world of hip-hop. For up-and-coming Chicago native Ausar, the journey starts at home as he gives back to his community through his music — rapping about his love for his city and the lessons in self-expression that he’s learned there. And for Talecia Tucker, who launched their own fashion line soon after high school and recently found a passion for film photography, the crossover appeal of art is limitless.

UPROXX and Sprite are helping these artists push their creativity and careers to the next level by working with mentors in their chosen fields to overcome obstacles and reach the next milestone. We’re telling their stories with a series of micro profiles and videos that show how they’ve smashed barriers to get to where they are today – all while hopefully inspiring others to do the same.

To get to know them better, follow along with their journey.