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The ‘Halo Infinite’ Multiplayer Beta’s Surprise Release Had Players Freaking Out

Halo Infinite is one of the most anticipated games of the year. Microsoft’s latest game in the Halo franchise is supposed to be the one that changes everything and revolutionizes the series. One way they’re doing that is by making the multiplayer for Infinite a free-to-play model. Players don’t need to own the campaign to play Halo Infinite. They’ll just need a PC or Xbox console.

If that wasn’t enough, Microsoft took it a step further by deciding to drop the free-to-play multiplayer over two weeks before the game is supposed to drop in December. On November 15, the 20th anniversary of the original Xbox, the multiplayer beta for Halo Infinite was released to everyone. However, since it’s free-to-play and all progress is going to carry over when the game officially launches in December, players are treating it as the release of the actual game and losing their minds.

Infinite immediately became the most viewed game on Twitch shortly after the announcement. It surpassed other recent new releases such as Forza Horizon 5 and Battlefield 2042.

As everyone swiftly moved to their PC or Xbox to play the game however they did run into some problems. The servers are getting hit hard and some people trying to get in are discovering a blank blue screen preventing access to the game. So close and yet so far.

Then there were those of us who weren’t quite as happy about the game being surprise launched. A lot of people like to call out of work so they can play new games. With Halo being a surprise it left a few unlucky people sitting at work waiting for time to pass by so they can go play Infinite.

Yeah, let’s just say this game is a big deal. We’re excited to try it ourselves!