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John Oliver Scorched ‘Fox And Friends’ Co-Host Brian Kilmeade Over His Most Ridiculous On-Air Habit

When talk shows take on talk shows, that’s when some magic can happen, and it’s particularly amusing when satiric shows take on Fox and Friends, particularly when it comes to the hosts’ habits. So far, Steve Doocy (who’s the relative voice of reason lately, next to many of his fellow Fox News hosts) has been immune to this skewering because he does a lot of listening. That includes all of the instances highlighted by Comedy Central’s The Daily Show on Ainsley Earhardt’s “my friends” remarks. And over on HBO’s Last Week Tonight, John Oliver delights in roasting Brian Kilmeade, who’s Columbus obsession did the deed for Indigenous People’s Day.

Now, it’s time for a followup segment, “The Many Questions of Fox and Friends‘ Brian Kilmeade.” There’s a lot of them, alright. Here are some of the “better” ones:

– “How do diners have twenty pages in their menu?”
– “How does a baby retire?”
– “And why did it hit the iceberg, do you know?”
– “Do you think the sharks know it’s Shark Week?”
– “What great American decided that you need a bun with a hot dog?”
– “Why was it ever the International House Of Pancakes?”

That doesn’t even touch the threepeat “turnip” obsession,” but it does make me hungry for pancakes and gives me a surprisingly “zen” feeling as well. This subject helps wind down the final Last Week Tonight episode of 2021. We’ll miss John Oliver’s sharp-witted execution of f-bombs and will look forward to him blowing sh*t up (metaphorically, of course) in 2022.