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Sun June’s Wistful Single ‘Easy’ Heralds Their ‘Somewhere +3’ Expanded Album

When the Austin, Texas band Sun June released their standout sophomore album Somewhere last February, it came during a standstill in the live music industry. Vaccines were still months away from being widely available in the US and many cities were still in lockdown, meaning Sun June celebrated their album’s release from their homes. But now that live music is back, Sun June hopes to bring Somewhere (and a little extra!) to the road next year with a deluxe version of their LP.

The band returned Tuesday to drop the brand-new track “Easy,” a wistful tune that’s drenched in sunny guitars and poetically details memory, a wish for the simpler times, and a dissolving relationship. The new single officially heralds Somewhere +3, the upcoming deluxe album that boasts three unreleased tracks.

In a statement about the new song, vocalist Laura Colwell explained her inspiration behind its lyrics:

“‘Easy’ is a romantic struggle song. It’s about love and partnership and longstanding arguments that are hard to get past. We started working on it after quarantine was lifted. Everyone had been cloistered alone for months, so frustration was easy to tap into. At the same time, it was joyous and cathartic to play together again, so the song came out upbeat and optimistic too. We loved getting to return to Good Danny’s studio to record — it was easy to find the sounds we wanted and get back into the Somewhere vibe.”

Listen to Sun June’s “Easy” above.

Somewhere +3 is out 1/14/2022 via Run For Cover.