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Adele Tells John Mayer He Should Get Married And Says She Misses Being Married Herself

Adele’s divorce was a major inspiration behind her upcoming album 30, but that doesn’t mean she’s sour on the idea of marriage. In fact, the singer recently told John Mayer that he ought to get hitch and noted that she actually misses being married.

Mayer shared a teaser clip of an interview that he and Adele conducted for SiriusXM before it premieres in full on Friday. In it, Mayer asked flat out, “Should I get married?”

Adele was intrigued by the question but answered quickly, saying, “Oh… yes, you should get married.” She then elaborated, “I think it is a really incredible thing, marriage. And I know that some people probably think that I wouldn’t think that, you know, and like, I gave up on it. Yes, I think you should. I can’t really say why. I’m definitely open to marriage again. I definitely am. The feeling that I had in being married was the safest feeling I’ve ever had in my life. Sadly, it didn’t work out. But, you know, I miss being married.”

Mayer was touched by Adele’s answer, as he let out an “aww” and said, “I’m going to get myself married, one of these days,” to which Adele responded, “You should.”

Mayer wrote when sharing the clip, “I interviewed my friend @adele for @siriusxm, and her answer to this question was as evolved, honest and insightful as the rest of what she shared in our conversation. It airs Friday morning on Hits 1 at 7am ET. Her new album ‘30’ drops Thursday at midnight. It is exquisite, profound, and will surely soften the world’s heart. Thank you, Adele.”

Watch the video above.