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Jennifer Coolidge Is Teaming Up With Ryan Murphy For A Netflix Series About A Couple Being Stalked

Jennifer Coolidge is arguably more popular than she’s ever been, which is saying something. The actress has attracted serious Emmy talk after The White Lotus, the HBO series in which she played a grieving vacationer — a role she almost turned down. She was such a hit with viewers that she’ll be one of the only members of the cast to be back for Season 2, set at a different resort with a different group of characters. (She won’t be back for the Party Down revival, however, though she did only appear on two episodes of the original.) But she’s also teaming with one of TV’s most prolific chroniclers for something that sounds even more sinister than a show bookmarked by one character’s untimely demise.

As per Deadline, Coolidge will join the cast of The Watcher, in which Naomi Watts and Bobby Cannavale play a couple whose dream home comes with an unwanted guest. After moving in, they find themselves receiving unnerving letters from a mysterious stalker who goes by the titular sobriquet.

It’s not clear who Coolidge will play but the series will be based on a chilling true story, about a couple who, in 2014, purchased a 1905 Dutch colonial revival in Jersey for nearly $1.4 million — only to have to jet after they kept receiving unnerving letters from someone called, you guessed it, “The Watcher” (which is also, oddly, the name of the house). The stalker in question claimed they looked over the house for decades.

In the meantime, Coolidge will be back on screens soon enough, appearing in Single All the Way, billed as Netflix’s first gay holiday movie and due on the streamer Dec. 2.

(Via Deadline)