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The Final, Supersized ‘Ozark’ Season Rewinds All Of The Sins Of The Past In A Discombobulating Teaser Video

Ozark recently teased the supersized, two-part, final season for Jason Bateman’s Marty Byrde, and his long-suffering family, including Wendy, played by Laura Linney. That went down in some teaser footage that showed what happened after the blood-spattered tarmac happenings. Viewers know that Marty and Wendy were received with opened arms (for a new life in Mexico?) while the footage recalled Navarro’s “today is a beginning” from the Season 3 finale after Helen took a gunshot to the head. In other words, Marty Byrde’s still lacking as much control of the situation as usual.

Well, we’ve got a longer teaser video (ahead of Season 4), and it mostly promises that Marty cannot outrun his money-laundering past, and he’s still up sh*t creek, and essentially, there’s no footage here. Instead, the show puts us in rewind mode to relive the past three seasons’ biggest violent fiascos, and Netflix revealed in the logline that Helen is indeed gone, and Marty’s here to “climb to the top of Navarro’s empire.” Despite getting out of the Ozarks, they’ll find that “some past sins won’t stay buried and the most dangerous threats come from blood.”

Hmm, ominous. Netflix revealed, as well, that Julia Garner is definitely back as Ruth Langmore, so expect her F-bombs to go into higher gear. I guess Ruth is still stuck at home? No clues there, but here’s Netflix’s summary of new characters:

“Javi Elizonndro” (played by ALFONSO HERRERA) – Navarro’s nephew is tired of playing the obedient lieutenant and looks to seize power for himself.

“Mel Sattem” (played by ADAM ROTHENBERG) – A disgraced ex-cop turned P.I. arrives to get Helen’s signature on her divorce papers and stumbles into the Byrdes’ dirty laundry. The more they lie, the more he digs.

“Clare Shaw” (played by KATRINA LENK) – CEO of a leading biopharmaceutical company makes a deal with the Byrdes and learns the true cost of power.

A biopharmaceutical CEO, really? Man, Marty is really screwed now. The season will contain 14 episodes, which will launch in two seven-part halves, and I’m still pretending that we’re getting five seasons.

Ozark will return on January 21, 2022.