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A Philly Radio Caller Was So Eager To Discuss Ben Simmons That They Let Someone Drive Away After Hitting Their Car

Many Philadelphia 76ers fans are passionate to talk about the Ben Simmons situation, but perhaps none more than a WIP caller named James, who phoned into Angelo Cataldi’s Show on Wednesday. When Cataldi asked “what’s on your mind, bro?,” James nonchalantly replied “not bad, someone just hit my car.”

While Cataldi and others perked up in shock, James, once again, nonchalantly replied, “and they’re driving off, it’s OK.” Cataldi and his co-hosts implored James to write down the license plate of the person committing a hit and run — at one point, they said to read the person’s license plate on air before realizing that was a terrible idea — but he had zero interest in doing so and simply wanted to discuss Simmons instead.

“You just got in a car accident and you’re calling about Ben Simmons?” Cataldi inquired.

“Yeah, because he annoys me more than someone hitting my car and driving off,” James said.

The dichotomy of demeanor between the radio hosts and James is quite funny. They’re all up in arms about the situation and their reactions are amplified by James’ unconcerned nature. He’d rather get a few things off his chest about Simmons than ensure he’s properly compensated for a hit-and-run.

Simmons has yet to suit up this season for the 8-7 Sixers, who will look to snap a five-game losing streak when they take on the Denver Nuggets Thursday evening.