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Ted Cruz Tried To Tell A Dirty Joke About Joe Biden But Ended Up Accidentally Complimenting His, Uh, Manhood

President Joe Biden plans to spend Thanksgiving with his family in Nantucket, a small island off the coast of Cape Cod, Massachusetts, and the inspiration for a limerick that dates back to at least the early 1900s. There’s many different versions of the dirty poem, but they all begin the same way, “There once was a man from Nantucket…”

That’s also what Ted Cruz tweeted when he saw where the president will celebrate the holiday next week. It was a confusing reply because, as many on Twitter pointed out, the Texas senator is implying that Biden is the man from Nantucket and therefore has a… how to put this? Remember what Shailene Woodley said about Aaron Rodgers? That.

“Does Ted Cruz know what the man from Nantucket limerick is about? Because he basically tweeted that Joe Biden has big d*ck energy,” @AngryBlackLady tweeted. “I just feel like that’s probably not the message he was going for. Poor little f*cker is not funny and he tries so hard.” @renegadecut added, “Nothing to see here, everyone. It’s only Senator Ted Cruz implying that the President is so well-endowed that he can suck his own d*ck.” Others wondered, doesn’t Ted Cruz have better things to do than tweet dirty jokes about the president? And some replied with limericks of their own.

At least he’s not tweeting about Big Bird anymore?