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Adele Addresses The Photo That Got Her Called Out For Cultural Appropriation: ‘I Didn’t Read The Room’

Last year, when any talk of Adele‘s upcoming album 30 were just rumors, the singer broke her radio silence on social media to post a questionable photo. The singer was pictured sporting a Jamaican flag bikini and bantu knots in her hair, leading many on social media to call her out for cultural appropriation while others, including “White Boy Summer” mastermind Chet Hanks, had quite the opposite response. Now that’s she’s back in the limelight, Adele has finally addressed the photo once and for all.

The singer sat down for a cover interview with The Face to talk about how her life has changed since her divorce, as well as some details about her album. Adele also spoke about the photo of her from last year that sparked controversy, saying she admits she didn’t “read the room” properly, particularly since it was posted just a few months after the murder of George Floyd:

“There was so much going on in America at that point. I didn’t read the room and I f*cking should have because I live in America. But my [Black] girlfriends here, they were, like: ​’Are you alright? We’re not offended personally because we know you, but this is why [people are upset].’ My biggest question is why I felt the need to f*cking post that when I’m so f*cking private anyway. I was having such a lovely day with my friends in Jamaica, and that’s the vibe of Notting Hill Carnival for me, always has been. But I didn’t give that any context either.”

Read Adele’s full interview with The Face here.

30 is out 11/19 via Columbia Records. Pre-order it here.