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Jimmy Kimmel And Rootin’ Tootin’ Lauren Boebert Are Locked In A Feud: ‘A Woman Who Wears Glasses To Make It Seem Like She Can Read’

Jimmy Kimmel has a field day with right-wing figures, which has led to a rather incredible set of exchanges where he made the MyPillow guy Mike Lindell look like the sleep-aid-hawking doofus that he truly is. This led to Lindell actually appearing as a Kimmel guest, and that’s probably why Rep. Lauren Boebert has come calling. She loves attention more than anything else, and last week, Kimmel indulged her, although he did clarify that he had already fired a shot.

Kimmel had mentioned his reaction to watching Boebert’s bizarre videos, which are really out there. She has declared her God-given right to “carry my Glock” throughout the halls of Congress. She has also demanded, of Nancy Pelosi, “Tear down this wall.” Her misguided attempts to channel Ronald Reagan are beyond parody, and Kimmel did remark that these videos were like “stepmother porn.”

That led to Boebert posting another kooky video and tweeting, “Good morning. @JimmyKimmel is a sexist pig. Have a great day!”

And Kimmel responded in a monologue: “This is a woman who wears glasses to make it seem like she can read. She is apparently not a fan of me or my show because, over the weekend, she posted a clip of our monologue….” He continued: “It was obviously a joke. Her videos are so much dumber than stepmother porn. Some of the videos that she makes are so over-the-top, it’s hard to believe this person exists.” Kimmel wasn’t done yet: “They seem like sketches from Saturday Night Live.”

From there, Kimmel showed street footage of people reacting to Boebert’s videos. The overwhelming sentiment was that people thought this totally couldn’t be real, but they figured it was a very good impression of Lauren Boebert. They were then practically speechless when they learned that, yep these are real videos.

This all went down late last week, and people are starting to catch wind of what’s happening with the “likes” and “retweets” piling up ^^^ on Kimmel’s tweet.

The joke really is on Boebert. We’ll see if that carries over to 2022.