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‘Wheel Of Fortune’ Fans Can’t Believe The Show Let A Contestant Get Away With An Incorrect Answer

A Wheel of Fortune contestant seemingly got away with giving an incorrect answer on a recent episode of the classic game show, and Wheel Watchers are not happy about it. On Thursday night, contestant Steven Page solved a puzzle by guessing “quality craftmanship,” notably without the “s,” which is not the right word. The correct answer is technically “quality craftsmanship” with the “s,” but the Wheel of Fortune judges gave Page the win anyway, which set off eagle-eyed viewers.

According to the New York Post, by giving Page the win, despite technically saying the wrong word, contestants Lisa Volivitch and Christina Maril got the short end of the stick and were potentially robbed of a chance at the bonus round. This move did not sit well with Wheel fans.

Why was Steven’s response on “Quality Craftsmanship” ruled correct tonight??” wrote one fan. “He said ‘quality craftmanship’—without the ‘S’! That’s incorrect! Lisa deserves another $9k, as she would have got that on the next turn.”

“@wheeloffortune just cheated a lady out of a spot in the bonus round by counting as correct a mispronounced answer,” wrote another fan. “If you can’t add an ‘and’ to a crossword, you can’t pronounce it wrong and get credit.”

“Did anyone else notice that Steven didn’t pronounce craftsmanship correctly,” another viewer tweeted. “He said craftmanship, not craftSmanship. He should NOT have won!!”

When it comes to Wheel of Fortune rules, fans of the show don’t miss a beat. Earlier in the year, there was a social media dust-up over a controversial rule that penalizes contestants if they add the word “and” to their answer. So you can understand fans’ frustration with a contestant essentially pronouncing a word wrong and getting away with it when the show is still oddly strict about other mispronunciations.

(Via New York Post)