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Daughter returns from college with a surprise visit to her Mom that’s unforgettable

A Facetime from her daughter is the best surprise this mom could ask for. Why? Because unbeknownst to her, the daughter arrived back home from college in secret. And she shared this touching impromptu reunion with TikTok for everyone to enjoy.

The video shows a mom in the kitchen, answering a Facetime call from her daughter, her face appearing in close-up. We know what’s about to happen (the caption reads “Surprising my mom that I’m back home from Uni”), but still the anticipation is delightful.

And it doesn’t take long for the mom to realize what’s going on. As she turns her back from the camera for just one second, the daughter zooms out and waits. When mom turns back around, she instantly knows what’s up, and off she runs out of frame, followed by an equally surprised little brother.

It’s no wonder the video went viral. One commenter summed up it by saying,” families that actually LIKE each other are my favorite.”

You might be wondering: how did the daughter manage to sneak into her room without mom noticing? The question gets answered at the end (which is arguably the best part of the video, second to mom’s excitement).

As mom jolts out of the frame to hug her daughter in the next room, out of nowhere comes dad, beaming with a smile that lets us know he was definitely in on the plan. From the look on their faces as they share mischievous looks, I’d say we know where the daughter gets her prankster streak from.