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South Korean Horror Series ‘Hellbound’ Overtakes ‘Squid Game’ As Netflix’s Most Popular Series Globally

Following the success of Squid Game and the subsequent surge of interest in other non-Western series — such as Alice in Borderland — many of us were wondering if the hype around South Korean television and cinema was here to stay. While it might still be a bit too early to tell, it looks like the answer so far is a resounding “yes,” as yet another South Korean-made television show has skyrocketed to the top of Netflix’s most-watched charts.

According to FlixPatrol analytics (via The Guardian), fantasy horror series Hellbound has officially surpassed Squid Game as the world’s most-watched Netflix television series, shattering the former champion’s record within 24 hours of the show’s debut on November 20. As of right now, Hellbound rest at the top of the most-watched charts in over 80 countries, with no signs of slowing down.

Based on a Webtoon by the same name, Hellbound takes place on an alternate version of Earth, wherein hoards of monstrous-looking demons suddenly emerge with a mission of sending all past and future sinners to Hell. As expected, the phenomenon causes mass hysteria that ultimately leads to religious zealotry and even more issues for the seemingly doomed mankind. The grim and gory series is directed by the comic series’ original author, Yeon Sang-ho, and has quickly made headlines not only for its popularity but for being the first Korean drama to make it to premiere at Toronto International Film Festival.

However, while Hellbound’s feat is incredibly impressive and worthy of praise, this certainly doesn’t mark the end for Squid Game, which could easily jump back up on the Netflix Most Watched list after holding the spot for 46 non-consecutive days. Furthermore, Squid Game also boasts being a breakout commercial success, having generated nearly a billion dollars in profits even before its merch lines with Walmart and toy manufacturer Funko have properly launched. Last but not least, with the recent news that Squid Game is, in fact, getting season two, we all can sleep soundly knowing we haven’t seen the last of it yet.