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Jimmy Kimmel Wants To Call Into Mike Lindell’s 96 Hour ‘Delusia-Palooza’ Election Conspiracy Marathon This Weekend

Jimmy Kimmel seems to have a sort of soft spot (for lack of a better term) for Mike Lindell, which at this point is kind of understandable. In many ways, the MyPillow man seems to be Donald Trump’s biggest champion, perhaps even more so than Trump himself.

While the former president will likely spend the upcoming holiday playing golf, stuffing his face, and possibly exchanging texts with Kyle Rittenhouse—“U up?”—Lindell will continue spending his time, energy, and money trying to prove that the 2020 presidential election was rigged. And, as he admitted on Tuesday night’s show, Kimmel wants to be a part of it.

“The MyPillow Man Mike Lindell… has quite a weekend planned. He’s hosting a 96-hour-long ‘Thanksathon’ on his website. He’ll be doing his greatest hits about election fraud and whatnot. He announced today that he planning to bring his case to the Supreme Court in order to ‘do a new election.’ I’m sure they’ll get right on that.

I mentioned last night: Mike Lindell invited me to call into his Delusia-Palooza this weekend, which honestly I would enjoy doing. I’d probably let him come over for Thanksgiving dinner. He goes on and on about the election, my father tells us about his knee surgery—I think they could cancel each other out. But my wife isn’t as excited about me getting on a Zoom with a bunch of conspiracy theorists over Thanksgiving as I am.”

Though Kimmel probably won’t be able to make it, Lindell saw that coming. So is suggesting that just as Kimmel has a guy who plays a Fake Mike Lindell, Lindell has decided to get a Fake Jimmy Kimmel to come on his marathon of lies. Kimmel shared a clip of Lindell, who decided that if Kimmel won’t commit to being a part of his Thanksgiving festivities, he will work on finding a Fake Jimmy—and Kimmel couldn’t be more thrilled by the idea.

“Ok, well now I’m not going to commit,” he told viewers, “because I’m dying to see who the fake Jimmy is going to be. That would be fun, right? What are they going to come up with?”

Only time will tell whether Lindell features Real or Fake Jimmy. Whichever the case, we’re sure you’ll be able to catch the highlights online. Then again, sitting through all 96 hours of Lindell spouting off looney conspiracy theories and suggesting we melt down voter machines to make prison bars isn’t that much different than what Thanksgiving will be for most of us.

You can watch the full clip above. The Lindell conversation begins around the 3:00 mark.