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A Michael Jackson Impersonator Was Charged For Storming The Capitol While Wearing The Singer’s Jacket

It’s coming up on one year since rioters stormed the US Capitol building on January 6 and people are still being charged for their crimes. Recently, the rioter sporting a “Chewbacca bikini” outfit and viking helmet, who called himself The QAnon Shaman, was sentenced to 41 months in prison for his involvement. Now, the Department Of Justice have set their sights on another person involved in the insurrection last January: a Michael Jackson impersonator — and he was apparently wearing one of Jackson’s jackets.

Prosecutors alleged on Tuesday that Broadway actor James Delisco Beeks, who is a known Michael Jackson impersonator, breached the Capitol alongside members of the militia group the Oath Keepers, according to a report from Rolling Stone. Per a statement of facts from the FBI, Beeks joined a group of the Oath Keepers after taking part in the “Stop The Steal” rally where Trump spoke earlier that day. While Beeks did not arrive to the rally with the Oath Keepers, the FBI uncovered the fact he did pay dues to the organization in December 2020.

The FBI have obtained video and photo evidence of Beeks sporting a black helmet and a black jacket from Jackson’s 1987 Bad world tour. He was also carrying a homemade shield, which he had told members of the Oath Keepers was bulletproof.

Apparently, Beeks does more than impersonate Jackson for his job. Beeks is also a touring actor who has landed roles in traveling performances of Jesus Christ Superstar. He also lists his past roles in the plays Kinky Boots, Aida, and Ragtime.