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Ted Cruz’s Shameless ‘Cancun’ Joke Is Making People Wonder If He Ever Understood Why He Made People Mad

Less than a year ago, Ted Cruz decided to leave his (literally) freezing constituents behind and flee to sunny Mexico during a deadly Texas ice storm. This made him the subject of derision and, eventually, “Cancun” comebacks when he started tweeting up a storm about how “America doesn’t heave Americans behind” during the inarguably botched Afghanistan withdrawal. Even when Ted had a slightly valid point, though, he still doesn’t get what he did wrong, which is why people so enjoyed this Halloween costume that immortalized the plight of Snowflake.

Ted missed the point on that joke, and he might be missing the point on his own joke. Following news that California Governor Newsom would vacation in Mexico for the Thanksgiving holiday, Ted pounced with glee. Pointing toward the extension of California’s COVID-related “State of Emergency,” Ted couldn’t resist tweeting, “Cancun is much nicer than Cabo.”

Naturally, people had plenty to say to Ted after his “joke.” Firstly, they don’t think it’s very funny that Ted appears to be making light of his whirlwind Cancun jaunt. Secondly, he’s doing the old apples-to-oranges thing, and Newsom’s taking a preannounced vacation and not sneaking around. And finally, Ted might wanna stay in his lane.

Does Cruz even realize why people were so mad over the Cancun trip? That’s debatable, and if there’s a truth, it’s still out there.