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What’s On Tonight: ‘Hawkeye’ And ‘True Story’ Bring Two Very Different Dynamic Duos To Streaming

Hawkeye: Season 1 (Disney+ series) — The MCU is in holiday mood for this series, which begins to pass the arrow from Jeremy Renner’s Clint Barton to Hailee Steinfeld’s Kate Bishop, who’s learning the ropes as the two battle through some sort of Christmas hellscape that feels awfully surreal, including a Captain America-themed musical and the entry of Vera Farmiga into the MCU. And don’t forget, Black Widow ended with a relevant post-credits scene, in which Countess Valentina Allegra De Fontaine (Julia Louis Dreyfus) planted a hit on Hawkeye by telling Yelena (Florence Pugh) that Hawkeye was “the man responsible for your sister’s death.” Yep, Hawkeye is in some deep sh*t.

True Story (Netflix limited series) — Wesley Snipes and Kevin Hart star in this Philly-set story about a famous comedian who touches down in his hometown for a tour stop. In the process, his personal life rears its head, of course, and he must confront existential dilemmas, including the importance of protecting what’s near and dear to one’s heart. A lot of that drama comes from the comedian’s brother, which proves that no one knows you better (and worse) than your own family.

The Real World Homecoming: Los Angeles (Paramount+ series) — Oh boy, this is the season of the “trueeee storyeeee” as put into earworm mode by country singer Jon Brennan. That would be Season 2 of the infamous O.G. reality series “when people stopped being polite… and start getting real.” They’re back (that’d include Beth Anthony, Beth Stolarczyk, David Edwards, Glen Naessens, Irene Berrera-Kearns, and Tami Roman) after 30 years, and we’ll see if those beefs survived the decades.

Saved By the Bell: Season 2 (Peacock series) — Occasionally, a rebooted series really resonates with its audience, and as with Cobra Kai, this one worked out to harness a new generation of viewers, along with those who watched the O.G. effort during their own youth. The ultimate Zack Attack last season meant that Mark-Paul Gosselaar was on hand to portray a bad California governor, but fortunately, Tiffani Thiessen, Elizabeth Berkley, and Mario Lopez all arrived to help make things right. The revival was surprisingly socially relevant, too, and expect more of the same to come with a student leader who finds herself with more of a mess to clean up than she expected.

Hanna: Season 3 (Amazon Prime series) — Esmé Creed-Miles is back as the pint-sized, badass title character, who’s still attempting to defeat the mysterious powers that be while Dermot Mulroney’s operative is as sinister as ever. The third season promises more fight scenes and thrills, all while more characters get backstories, and Mireille Enos’ character forms one half of a lady power duo to cross generations.

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow (CW, 8:00pm) — The Legends end up in 1940s Seattle, which means that it’s WWII time, and expect an unexpected guest. They’re also attempting to fix the time machine, so uh oh.

Batwoman (CW, 9:00pm) — Alice scores a new sidekick while Ryan’s having family-dynamic issues, all while there’s a growing Bat Team stand-off.

The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon — Julie Bowen, Keke Palmer, Zoe Wees

The Late Show With Stephen Colbert — Rosamund Pike, Peter Jackson

Late Night With Seth Meyers — Andy Samberg, Jesse Plemons, Jon Epcar

The Late Late Show With James Corden — Jeff Goldblum, Caitriona Balfe, Sophie Buddle

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