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The Most Comprehensive Exhibit Of Bob Dylan’s Artwork Is Opening In Miami During Art Basel

Bob Dylan has been working as a musician for most of his life, but diehard fans know that he’s been working with visual art for decades as well. In an effort to get most of those pieces in one place for a comprehensive exhibit, The Patricia & Phillip Frost Art Museum in Miami has a showcase of Dylan’s artwork opening next Tuesday, November 30. According to AP, the exhibit is set to include “more than 180 acrylics, watercolors, drawings and ironwork sculptures.” The opening is set to coincide with the annual Art Basel festival and will be on display through April 17.

Along with previously-seen works, the exhibit also includes 40 new paintings that have never been seen by the public. Tickets for entry to the show, titled “Retrospectrum,” will be $16 and sold in hourly slots. Many of the pieces are on loan from private collections, and includes sketches from early ’60s songs, but the vast majority of the included work was created by Dylan in the last fifteen years. The exhibit encompasses a total of six rooms.

“He was recognized in every possible way as a writer, as a composer, as a singer, as a performer and so on,” said Shai Baitel, the artistic director of the Modern Art Museum Shanghai, where the show debuted. Baitel was also responsible for conceiving of the show’s concept. “It is now that the audience sees also the last element,” Baitel continued. “Dylan is able to express himself in so many ways.”

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