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Britney Spears Said She’s Only Been On The ‘Right Medication’ For A Month

It’s been a long road for Britney Spears, who was only very recently freed from the abusive conservatorship she’s endured for years. After the singer opened up about how much she was suffering, including being forced to take medication that dehabilated her, Britney’s father was removed from the situation and then the setup was finally terminated. Things are looking up for Britney even though she clearly has a lot of healing and adjusting to do, and as we head into the holiday season she shared a picture of a cozy fire to Instagram, along with some updates for fans.

“That beautiful … nice … and warm fucking fuzzy feeling when you’ve been waiting patiently for 13 years to be able to live your life however you choose and it’s finally here !!!!” she captioned the post. “Lighting my candles sure is a joy folks 🕯🕯🕯 !!! And you might be surprised cause my prayers are pretty damn powerful ESPECIALLY when you’re on the right medication just a month ago !!!! Damn I can actually pray 🙏🏼 ✨ …. it feels so good to just BE HERE !!!! I’M HERE … thanks to no doctor or conservatorship people … good God my friends … it’s good to BE HERE and be PRESENT !!!! Since I can actually PRAY now hopefully in just 3 months there will be a shift for me … I mean who knows … I’m not gonna thank anyone I’m gonna pull a @snoopdogg and say I thank ME for believing in ME 🙋🏼‍♀️💖🎉 !!!!! Let’s watch watch watch some TV folks 📺 !!!! ”

On that note, how about this latest season of Succession, eh?