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Rihanna Was In Barbados As Her Home Country Was Officially Declared A Republic

Rihanna never sleeps. Though plenty of fans have voiced their complaints that we haven’t seen a new album since 2016’s Anti, it’s not like Rihanna hasn’t been busy. She became one of the only female billionaires in the world this year, due to the success of her Fenty Beauty and Savage Fenty respective lines, and she even dipped her toes back into the music game a little bit with a massive vinyl collection of all her old work.

But despite all she’s accomplished in her career, part of Riri’s heart will also be in her native Barbados. She’s always kept her roots there, returning for different festivals every year and making sure people know she hasn’t forgotten where she’s from. Well, tonight she’s also back in Barbados to help celebrate a very historic moment in the country’s history: officially becoming a republic. You see, in the past, Barbados was a royal colony, but they’ve opted to self-govern. But Barbados will still remain part of the greater commonwealth, despite their newfound independence.

Catch a glimpse of Rihanna’s appearance at the ceremony below, and keep an eye out for her own thoughts on the transition, likely to appear on social media in the next few days.