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Britney Spears Fans Think She’s Hinting At An On-Point Lady Gaga Collaboration

In recent times, Britney Spears has taken to Instagram to offer direct and detailed messages about what she’s up to and how she’s feeling. Sometimes, though, she’ll share less verbose posts, which leads fans to come up with their own interpretations about what they might mean. So now, some of Spears’ followers reckon that Spears is teasing a collaboration with Lady Gaga.

Spears recently shared an image from makeup artist Vlada Haggerty, who specializes in lip-based art. This image (which Haggerty dedicated to Spears when she initially posted it) features “free woman” written on a backdrop of roses. Followers in the comments are convinced this indicates Spears’ interest in collaborating with Lady Gaga, as they think (or at least hope) a Spears-featuring remix of Gaga’s Chromatica song “Free Woman” is imminent.

This comes shortly after Gaga said she would “of course” want to work with Spears and noted, “She’s a woman in this business that showed a lot of power in her sexuality, even in her youth, in a way that for me as a young woman was just so inspiring and empowering. I’d like to say this, truly: We can all root for her, but the person that changed her life was her. So this change that’s happening for her, it happened because of her, I believe. I’m excited for her future and I wish her all the best.”

It’s also worth noting that Gaga and Spears famously shared the stage at the 2011 VMAs, when Gaga was in character as her male alter ego Jo Calderone.