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Kanye Is Working With The LA Mission To Help End The Homelessness Crisis

Kanye West has a new humanitarian project, and this one is a very noble cause. For a man who has been extremely obsessed with how his own houses look, it makes sense that eventually Kanye would consider the crisis of the unhoused as a serious concern. According to a report from TMZ, Kanye had a meeting with Reverend Troy Vaughn, CEO of LA Mission to talk about his ideas for supporting the community. Ye dropped by The Mission last week to donate 1,000 meals, and during that visit he sat down with Vaughn to outline his thoughts.

Kanye reportedly has a four-step plan for helping the unhoused, starting off with creating a network between all the organizations in the city that currently focus on feeding those in need. Next, he wants to use his Donda network of companies to help give access to education, jobs, and housing for those who are struggling. Next, he thinks that the weekly Sunday Service platform can be used to inspire and uplift –— which is actually a pretty good point because the mental/spiritual health of the unhoused is rarely discussed, if ever. Lastly, according to TMZ’s report Kanye wants to “partner with other groups tackling the crisis and combine their efforts with his ability to provide a bold and innovative vision for the future. Together, he believes they can eliminate the homeless situation.”

Listen, I’d take a solution for the homelessness crisis in LA over another Marilyn Manson collaboration any day, so Kudos to Yeezy for focusing on something that has a huge impact on the entire city. Check out some of his speech at the LA Mission below: