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Trump Has Reportedly Been Calling Mark Meadows’ New Book ‘F*cking Stupid’ (After Deeming It ‘Fantastic’ And An ‘Incredible Christmas Present’)

There’s been an avalanche of Trump tell-alls of late, each one featuring exclusive, oft-shocking details about the former president. It’s how we learned that one of his closest confidants was a 28-year-old former body man who was dubbed a “f*cking idiot.” But the latest barnburning tome comes from inside the White House. It’s called The Chief’s Chief, from Trump’s former chief of staff Mark Meadows. Meadows clearly thought it would be a valentine to the one-term, twice-impeached former Commander in Chief. But some of its stories are so unflattering that it’s reportedly left Trump pissed.

As per The Daily Beast, sources close to Trump say that he’s been going around calling Meadows’ book “f*cking stupid.” Why? Well, for one thing, because it’s how the world found out that he tested positive for COVID earlier than once reported, mere days before a Biden debate. (On a slightly lighter note, Trump also gorged on McDonald’s as he was being treated in the hospital for the virus that very nearly took his life.)

After the story broke, Meadows flailed about for damage control. He tried to pass the story — in which a president and his staff knowingly endanger the lives of many, including the person who would soon take his job — off as a lighthearted anecdote. He also went on Newsmax and called the story “fake news” — despite the news coming from his own book.

Trump is famously temperamental, and he’ll turn on his closest allies on a dime. Indeed, back in October, well before the book was mined for damaging stories, Trump was doing his best to turn The Chief’s Chief into a bestseller among the MAGA crowd. He called it a “fantastic book” about “politics, truth, our great administration, and exciting achievements that took place in government.” He assured supporters it “would make an incredible Christmas present.”

(Via The Daily Beast)