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Billie Eilish Drops A Gloomy Video For The Vulnerable ‘Male Fantasy’

Billie Eilish’s album Happier Than Ever has a lot of moments that see her get really personal, and “Male Fantasy” is one of those, in which she examines her relationship with pornography. Now Eilish has given the track a chance to shine as she shared a new video for it today.

In the clip, Eilish meanders around a dimly lit home in not the happiest of states, which makes sense given the lyrical content of the song: She sings in the first verse, “Home alone, tryin’ not to eat / Distract myself with pornography / I hate the way she looks at me / I can’t stand the dialogue, she would never be / That satisfied, it’s a male fantasy / I’m goin’ back to therapy.”

In a September interview with Vice, Eilish said of the song, “The other day I was talking about how stupid and unrealistic porn is so much of the time. How unrealistic, misogynistic, and totally ridiculous the world of porn is. I decided that it was actually a really good idea for a song to talk honestly about pornography because it’s an uncomfortable thing to talk about. Pornography can make you feel violated and good at the same time and this conversation turned into the song. It was hard to write because we wanted it to be as revealing as possible. It’s difficult to be vulnerable and honest and open about my life right now. I find it much easier to write about my past and how I used to feel and to find a new perspective on something that happened to me, to take myself out of a situation. I don’t usually write about what I’m going through in the moment because it’s hard to process it. So this was also about saying how I felt. It was hard and satisfying and revealing and exposing and also incredibly cathartic, too.”

Watch the “Male Fantasy” video above.