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Devin Nunes Is Leaving Congress Reportedly So He Can Go Work For Trump’s Already Plagued Media Company

For years, Devin Nunes has been one of Congress’ biggest Trump bulldogs. No more. The California representative is retiring from Capitol Hill, where he’s lurked since 2003, at the end of the year. To do what? One source claims so he can go work for the big guy himself.

As per Punchbowl News (as caught by Insider), Nunes is “rumored” to be heading for Trump Media & Technology Group Corp, the new company behind his long-threatened social media service. It’s not clear what he’d do there if the rumors are true, but it would be a big get for the company, which is already in hot water. TRUTH Social, their contribution to the already crowded rightwing social media landscape, has already missed a big deadline. Meanwhile, Nunes’ big news came the same day that the company was reported to be under investigation by securities regulators.

Nunes made a name for himself in 2018, when, as a ranking member of the House Intelligence Committee, he came out in support of Trump during the investigation into his dealings with Russian powers in the lead-up to the 2016 election. Nunes then began his own investigation of the FBI, claiming they were unfairly targeting the then-president. And of course, there’s few people Trump likes more than people who say nice things about him, especially if they’re not exactly true.

(Via Insider)