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Disney Is Doing Away With The ‘FX On Hulu’ Brand Label

Two years after Disney purchased Hulu — and shortly following the news that the company would implement a small price hike across its streaming services — the media behemoth has made another announcement regarding Hulu’s ongoing operations: its officially killing off the “FX on Hulu” label. However, rest assured this does not mean all your favorite FX series’ are leaving Hulu. According to Variety, this move is merely a “brand-management microsurgery many people probably won’t even notice” in an attempt to make the service, well, less confusing.

Introduced shortly after the Disney-FX merger of 2019, the “FX on Hulu” label was intended to highlight Hulu as the sole home to exclusive FX content, as well as the only place to find Hulu originals from FX like A Teacher. However, as time’s gone on, Disney is now finding the label redundant and distracting. Instead, the shows will simply be labeled as FX series, with the FX mark also coming to other Disney subscriptions services, such as Disney+ and ESPN+. Rebecca Campbell, a Disney chairman, said the decision also serves to better highlight their affiliation with FX and its “rapidly growing portfolio.”

“FX’s award-winning adult programming is vital to our services both domestically and internationally,” Campbell said. “And we want to shine a brighter light on the brand within our excellent and rapidly growing portfolio of general entertainment programming for adult audiences.”

So, when does this all go into effect and how will it impact you watching your favorite FX series on Hulu? According to Disney, the changes are slated to rollout later this month, with all “FX on Hulu” branding to be officially phased out and replaced by a new, centralized FX hub that will showcase all the company’s “day-after-air” shows from FX linear channels as well as its exclusive original programming. As of right now, FX’s library includes a massive 170 seasons featuring more than 1,800 episodes of TV shows, and this branding shift shows the channel has no intention of slowing down.