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Trans ‘Jeopardy!’ Champ Amy Schneider Called Out The GOP When A Lawmaker Offered Congrats On Her Winning Streak

Transgender Jeopardy! champ Amy Schneider rose to champ status during Trans Awareness Week and has kept her winning streak, thus far, going for 13 games. This puts her in a rare spot: the 4th all-time champ when it comes to regular-season games, with a total of $536,400 and counting. She’ll be eligible in the Tournament of Champions, at some point down the line, as the first trans contestant to participate. And while producers are still trying to firm up a permanent replacement host (Amy has been praising Ken Jennings), there’s no hesitation at all when it comes to Amy deciding to throw some shade at certain lawmakers when given the chance.

Tim Ryan was not one of those lawmakers called out by Amy Schneider. He’s a Democrat state lawmaker, and he offered up a hearty congrats. “In Ohio, we’re great at making a lot of things—steel, rubber, glass… and jeopardy champions!” Ryan tweeted. “Keep climbing @Jeopardamy. We’re rooting for you all the way.”

Amy responded with all the positivity that her tweets have revealed thus far, though there was some spice here. “Thanks!” Amy wrote. “To any followers in Ohio, next year remember that, no matter who the Republican candidate is, one of their goals in office will be to make life harder for me personally. Don’t give them the chance!”

Some people would probably prefer that Jeopardy! contestants refrain from getting political, but Amy has used her platform wisely thus far while raising awareness for the trans community. This appears to be more of the same vibe.

Amy’s on a Jeopardy! breather at the moment, due to this week’s Professors Tournament. Never fear, though, because she’ll return on December 20.