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Sylvester Stallone Punches Out QAnon Rumors: The ‘Q’ On His Hat Is The Name Of A Boat And ‘Not Anything Else’

Sylvester Stallone found himself at the center of a swirl of online rumors last week after he posted a photo to Instagram where he’s not only wearing a hat with a “Q” on it, but he also used a popular slogan amongst QAnon cultists. However, Sly wants the record to show that he was not sending a message to the QAnon faithful, and there’s a simple, and kind of hilarious, explanation for the whole thing.

“For those incredibly inquisitive individuals, let me state unequivocally that the Q on this hat stands for QUANTUM OF SOLACE, the name of the boat I was on, NOT anything else , ok? Relax,” Stallone wrote in a new Instagram post. “So folks,The moral of the story is… Enjoy your lives and let other people enjoy theirs … So Keep Punching!”

On top of issuing a denial, Stallone has gone back and edited the caption on the original Instagram post because, apparently, the Rocky star is not leaving any loose ends behind. Originally, the caption read, “Heading into the Storm,” which is a popular QAnon phrase and raised eyebrows because Stallone is a known Trump supporter.

Now, the caption reads: “Heading into the Storm…. As IN THUNDERSTORM!!!” So, yup, that should clear things up. Thanks for the update, Sly.

(Via Sylvester Stallone on Instagram)