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Uproxx Recon Is Suiting Up And Swinging Into Action To Talk About Superhero Games

Superheroes are larger than life. They fly, shoot lasers, run super fast and do more than I can possibly sum up here, so is it really any wonder we want to be them too? Why settle for comics, three-hour movies, and sweeping multiverses when you can just hop in the Batmobile as the Dark Knight himself? From Superman 64 to Marvel’s Spider-Man, video game superhero experiences have come in all shapes, sizes, tights, and quality for a long time and since they probably aren’t going anywhere anytime soon, we should swing into them, highlighting the best and most interesting.

In case you couldn’t tell, we’re suiting up to talk about all things superheroic in games on the latest episode of Uproxx Recon. This time around, we’ve got superhost Jessica Howard and in his Recon debut (or origin story) Twitch’s very own Ray Apollo to talk about all fictional folks in spandex suits.

Superhero video games have been around for a while so our hosts spend some time reminiscing on the ones they remember playing as kids, both good and bad, and being thankful that they’re broadly better now. Then, they dive into the world of online team-ups in MMOs like DC Universe Online and City of Heroes, and of course, we can’t talk about superheroes without talking about them throwing down in all types of fighting games like Marvel vs. Capcom. Because while we love these characters for their rich stories, we also love to see them come to blows, handing out epic doses of damage to each other.

Finally, the crew gets into just some of the games they’re most looking forward to in early 2022. So don your capes, be careful where you point your heat vision eyes, and get ready to take flight in the latest high-flying episode of UPROXX Recon!