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Brooke Baldwin Has Challenged CNN To Finally Do Something That Fox News And MSNBC Have Been Doing For Years

CNN recently fired Chris Cuomo over his involvement in defending his brother, ex-New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, during his sexual harassment scandal. In the aftermath, Chris is said to be “livid,” and the cable news network is poking around for a replacement to fill those primetime shoes.

Former CNN host Brooke Baldwin — who left after a decade of service and following the cable news network’s decision to sideline her for 2020 election coverage — has a suggestion for her former employer. She’d like to finally see a woman on CNN at night, on a regular (not a guest) basis. That’s been the case over at MSNBC for several years (where Rachel Maddow reigns supreme) and at Fox News (where Laura Ingraham rolls with the right wing alongside the dudes). Yet at CNN, strangely, female on-air representation has been confined to daytime hours. So, Baldwin took to Instagram:

“I would like to see CNN put a woman in that 9 p.m. spot. Not me. I’ve moved on. But there are plenty of brilliant women they could choose from… CNN prime time has dominated by male hosts. And ya’ll, it’s nearly 2022. Wouldn’t you like to see a woman successfully lead in primetime?”

Baldwin stressed that she has the “utmost respect” for her former colleagues, and yep, she mades a stark point. Why on earth hasn’t CNN gone there yet? It’s an odd move in terms of inclusivity (and from a left-leaning outlet), but Brianna Keilar more than fits the bill for the somewhat opinionated slant that CNN favors at night. As for Baldwin, she recently penned Huddle: How Women Unlock Their Collective Power and has, as she says, “moved on” from her CNN days.