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Possible Former Vampire Megyn Kelly Is Sick Of Wearing A Mask Because It Hides Her Beautiful, Flawless Skin

As a conservative commentator, it behooves Megyn Kelly to rail against wearing masks during the pandemic, and so she did just that during Monday’s episode of The Megyn Kelly Show. While Kelly naturally used her anti-mask rant to take a jab at President Joe Biden, she also tried to defend her position using an argument involving her apparently flawless skin.

During a discussion with New York Times reporter David Leonardt, Kelly ultimately declared masks as “intrusive” and not “necessarily the answer” to stopping the spread of COVID. More importantly (to Kelly), they sometimes fog up her glasses and people can’t see how hard she’s worked on her complexion for the past five decades. Via Mediaite:

“I stayed out of the sun for 30 years so that I could have relatively decent skin by the time I was 51, and I have it, and I don’t feel the need hide it behind a disgusting mask that can cause outbreaks,” Kelly continued. “My skin looks better without that damn mask on. I don’t want to hide behind it. I also just find it annoying — it hurts the back of my ears after a while, I don’t like that.”

After humble-bragging about her skin, Kelly then trotted out the usual right-wing talking points about how kids shouldn’t be forced to wear masks and that they’re nothing but a “Democratic virtue signal.” She also equated wearing a mask with Biden having his “hand over for my mouth” for “almost two years,” which is odd, considering he was only inaugurated 10 months ago.

(Via Mediaite)